11 Emoji Crafts To Put a Smile On Your Face

Emojis are everywhere—on our phones, in our kids’ home decor, and on clothing. If you want to jump in on the trend with your favorite expression, try one of these DIY emoji crafts! We’ve found fun ideas for little kids, teens and adults alike to share in the emoji love. Tell us which one is your favorite!

DIY Emoji Crafts for Kids and Adults

DIY Emoji Crafts

Want to make something fun to add to your kids’ rooms? The garland, tables or flower pot below are all excellent choices. For little ones, try the painted rocks, emoji paper plates, bookmarks or the felt emoji busy bags. The keychains, bath bombs, t-shirt and cat toys are perfect emoji crafts for tweens and teens to try.

Emoji Paper Garland

Emoji Paper Garland Craft

Your kiddo will absolutely love decorating his/her bedroom with this fun emoji paper garland. And it’s easier than you think to create different versions. The trick is folding the paper properly to get a good chain. – From Cutefetti

Emoji Rocks

painted emoji rocks

Rock painting is all the craze right now—at least with the local kids. Why not paint some emoji rocks to leave around your neighborhood? This rainbow poop emoji would make anyone smile and laugh! – From Childhood 101

Emoji Bath Bombs

homemade emoji bath bombs

Here’s a great project for teens: emoji bath bombs. They’ll make fun birthday gifts to give to their friends, or you can just enjoy them at home. Fizzy baths are the best. If younger kids are making the bath bombs, make sure you monitor their use of the oven and some of the ingredients. – From Kids Craft Room

Emoji Bookmarks

poop emoji bookmark

Avid readers can never have too many bookmarks. Emoji bookmarks are sure to make your family and friends crack a smile when they crack open their favorite books. Our favorite is the poop emoji bookmark! – From Red Ted Art

No-Sew Emoji Shirt

no sew emoji t-shirt

Use crafting felt and fabric glue to recreate this adorable emoji t-shirt. No sewing involved (which is great, because I can’t sew very well)! – From Homespun Hydrangea

Emoji Paper Plate Craft

emoji paper plates

These paper plate emojis are so great not only because they’re cute, but they’re a great way to teach kids about emotions. And, I have to admit, my favorite emoji is the eye-roll emoji. – From Natural Beach Living

Felt Emoji Cat Toys

diy emoji cat toys

How adorable are these felt emoji cat toys? They’re filled with catnip, so they’re loads of fun for your kitty to play with. They’d be equally cute for your human friends, too… Just fill them with stuffing instead. – From Dream a Little Bigger

Emoji Key Chains

DIY emoji keychains

Here’s another fun craft for tweens and teens. These emoji key chains are made with polymer clay, and it’s so easy to shape the face that you want. – From Craft Shack Chronicles

Felt Emoji Busy Bag

emoji busy bag for kids

Want to keep the little ones quiet on a road trip? Make one of these adorably cute (and quiet) felt emoji busy bags. They’ll have everything they need to create lots of different faces. – From Views From a Step Stool

Emoji Flower Pot

emoji flower pot

Gift an emoji flower pot to a coworker or keep one at your own desk to let your colleagues know how you feel each day. (Unless you’re a constant grump. Ha!) This would also make a fun gift for your kids’ teachers. – From All For the Boys

Emoji Folding Tables

emoji folding tables

Have a circular table you want to spruce up? Turn them into fun emoji folding tables. How fun would one of these look in your child’s room or the playroom? You could also donate them to a local preschool or display them in your yard! – From Tried and True

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11 DIY Emoji Crafts You'll Want to Make Today

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