16 Simple DIY Bird Feeders to Attract Birds to Your Yard

Do you love watching birds from your patio, porch or window? It’s so peaceful and relaxing. Take a picture, draw the bird you’re watching, or just enjoy their fluttering about. Not to mention, you can have lots of fun conversations with the kiddos about the bird species. If you’d like to attract more feathered friends to your yard, make one or more of the simple DIY bird feeders today. You’ll be so glad you did!

Do you love bird watching? Want to gather some feathered friends to your garden or yard? Make one of these DIY bird feeders today! We love the simplicity of #3!

Easy DIY Bird Feeders for Your Garden

1. Orange Peel Bird Feeders

Birds can use a little extra food in the winter, especially if you’re in a snowy area where food may be scarce. The holidays are a great time to make these orange peel bird feeders.

This is such a simple idea that uses all natural materials. – From Sheri Silver

orange peel bird feeders

2. Colorful Wooden Bird Feeder

Make this colorful bird feeder and birdhouse combo! It will look so pretty hanging from your fence or a tree branch.

Decorate dollar birdhouses, and place them on a tray where you can sprinkle birdseed. What a fun way to provide food and shelter for our feathered friends! – From Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

wooden bird feeder

3. Pinecone Bird Feeders

This pinecone bird feeder is a wonderful STEAM activity for preschoolers. It encourages them to come up with ideas to make the birdseed stick to the pinecone as well as a way to hang the pinecone from a tree.

We appreciate that it’s made of all natural materials, so it won’t look out of place at all in a tree in your yard. – From Sixth Bloom

pinecone bird feeders

4. Peanut Butter Free DIY Bird Feeders

When doing an activity with kids, you need to be sensitive to food allergies. Peanut butter is a common one.

So this peanut butter-free bird feeder is the perfect option if you plan on making DIY bird feeders with a group.

peanut butter free bird feeders

5. Birdseed Hearts

These birdseed hearts are such a fun project to make and give out for Valentine’s Day. It spreads awareness that birds may need a little extra help finding food in the winter.

They are also peanut-butter free if that’s a concern for you. – From Sheri Silver

birdseed hearts

6. Cardboard Birdseed Ornaments

Cardboard shape cutouts make these birdseed ornaments super easy. Spread them with a bird-safe spread, cover in birdseed, and they’re ready to hang. – The Decorated Cookie

cardboard birdseed ornaments

7. Gelatin Birdseed Feeders

Here’s another option that uses gelatin instead of peanut butter! These gelatin birdseed feeders can be made in any fun shape you like.

Simply shape the ingredients with your favorite cookie cutters, run some twine through, and hang them from a sturdy branch. – From Gluesticks

gelatin bird seed feeders

8. Cereal Bird Feeders

Use Cheerios, Fruit Loops, or another multigrain loop cereal to make some adorable cereal bird feeders.

This activity is suitable for tots and preschoolers to help them with their fine motor skills. – From Our Wabisabi Life

cereal bird feeders

9. Paint Pen Coffee Mug Bird Feeder

Use paint pens to decorate a mug and saucer to make this adorable coffee mug bird feeder. How pretty this will look in one of your trees! – From Craft Create Cook

Paint Pen Coffee Mug Bird Feeders

10. Sharpie Mug DIY Bird Feeders

If you don’t have paint pens on hand, you could always make one of these Sharpie mug bird feeders.

This would make a lovely gift for the grandparents. We bet they’d love to birdwatch with your kiddos! – From Glitter on a Dime

sharpie mug feeders

11. Simple Mug Bird Feeder

You don’t have to get fancy to make a mug bird feeder, though. This one uses vegetarian gelatin as a binder for the birdseed and is very simple to make. – From The Gingerbread House

simple mug bird feeder

12. Mason Jar Bird Feeder with Perch

It’s such a simple idea! This mason jar bird feeder is made with the usual ingredients (birdseed, gelatin, and a couple of other things), but the perch inserted into the birdseed makes it easier for birds to land and get inside to feed. Clever! – From Crafts by Amanda

mason jar bird feeder with perch

13. Unique Mason Jar Bird Feeder

Speaking of clever, this mason jar bird feeder was made with a baby chicken feeder and a mason jar.

The vintage lid top is optional. You can either set it as is out in your yard or use the lid system or another alternative to create a hanger to put it in a tree. – From My Turn for Us

unique mason jar bird feeder

14. Cardboard Tube Bird Feeders

Spread peanut butter and birdseed over toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls to make these super simple cardboard tube bird feeders.

What an easy craft for little ones! – From Mommy’s Bundle

cardboard tube bird feeders

15. Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

Add sticks to the bottom of these toilet paper roll bird feeders for the birds to perch on as they eat. – From Honey and Lime

toilet roll bird feeders

16. Pringles Can Bird Feeder

Reuse those chip canisters to make one of these Pringles can bird feeders! You may want to add sticks at the bottom for birds to land on, too. – From Grace and Good Eats

pringles can bird feeder

Any of these DIY bird feeders will be a nice addition to your garden or yard. Before you know it, you’ll have visiting feathered friends in no time.

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Simple DIY Bird Feeders


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