7 Best Beers in Montana

Some people like their high-end drinks like a martini, while others prefer the simple beer. In Montana, there is a movement within the craft beer scene. Craft beer has become the drink of sophistication but without the high-falutin sensation that comes with drinks like wine. Montana’s craft beer scene offers a range of flavors and styles that is a clear reflection of the state’s rugged beauty and independent spirit. Let’s go on a beer-tasting journey through the 7 best beers in Montana.

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Mountain Man Scotch Ale by Jeremiah Johnson Brewing Co

This rich and malty ale has a number of caramel and toffee notes that capture the essence of Montana’s mountainous terrain, and the robust flavor profile easily makes it the go-to beer for those after a hearty and satisfying drink. A clear favorite amongst many Montana natives, the taproom in Bozeman known as the Hop Lounge has Mountain Man in three different serving sizes: 16oz Draft, Growler, and Crowler so you can get your fill!

Prickly Pear Pale Ale by Lewis & Clark Brewing Company

A unique Montana twist with this pale. Infused with the essence of the iconic prickly pear, this ale delivers a refreshing burst of fruity sweetness, balancing the hoppy bitterness. Craft beers have become popular for their ability to infuse beer with wonderful fruity flavors, and this one is no different! A tribute to the local flora, you can sink pint after pint of this!

Midas Crush from MAP Brewing

Pun aside, this sessionail is a harmonious blend of the malt sweetness and hoppy brightness that we come to expect from this wonderful easy-drinking type of beer. And if you’re looking for something with a bit more of a laid-back sensation, this should be your go-to!

Cold Smoke Scotch Ale from KettleHouse Brewing

An iconic Montana beer that has a smooth and smoky profile with a dedicated fanbase. Its reflection of the rugged landscapes and cold winters makes it a comforting beer. During those cold winter months, you need a brew that can make you feel warm inside, and this smoky beer can be an acquired taste for some, but for others, it’s the only one they will drink.

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Pine Creek Pale Ale from Neptune’s Brewery

A beer that captures the pristine wilderness of Montana, and its crisp and citrusy profile is a refreshing choice for people after simple great flavors while watching the world go by.

Bent Nail from Red Lodge Ales

A robust amber ale with flavor in spades! With a slight touch of hops with a lot of caramel malts, this beer strikes the perfect balance. A beer full of character, this is an ideal one to consume by the fireplace.

Oktoberfest Lager by Red Lodge Ales

We had to go for this German-style lager because of its malty sweetness and smooth finish. Sometimes we just want a simple lager rather than something abundantly full of flavor. So if you’re after something simple and effective, this is where it is at!

Need some beers in Montana? There’s plenty to go around!

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