21 Day Minimalism Challenge to Simplify and Declutter

Take the Minimalist Challenge

Do you feel like your life is out of control? Do you need a break from the chaos and clutter? Take this 21-day minimalism challenge to simplify, declutter, and get back on track. It’s never too late to take charge of your life! The best way to start is by simplifying by completing one item on our printable challenge each day. You’ll be amazed at how much lighter it will make you feel. 

I want to share my personal experience with the 21-day minimalism challenge. I found it really liberating and satisfying to get rid of some things in my life that were weighing me down. It helped me think more about what was important, and who I wanted to be as a person going forward.

A lot of people have said they’re too busy for this type of thing, but I found it wasn’t hard at all when you break it up into small steps each day.

If you are considering trying the challenge out yourself, get the printable at the end of this post. If you’d like to know more about minimalism, read on.

easy minimalism challenge

What is minimalism?

Minimalism is an idea that varies from person to person. Some people think of it as an extreme form of living that requires giving up most of your possessions. The truth is minimalism is the simple act of cleansing your home of items that serve no purpose.

The website Becoming a Minimalist gives a wonderful answer, “It is marked by clarity, purpose, and intentionality. At its core, being a minimalist means intentionally promoting the things we most value and removing everything that distracts us from it.” In other words, you keep the things you’re passionate about, but you rid your living space of the things that create clutter and chaos.

An example: Do you really need ten mixing bowls? If you love to bake, you might say yes. If you’re hardly ever in the kitchen, the answer is an obvious no. Why create stress in your life by having to deal with the things you don’t need? Minimalism cleanses your home of unneeded items.

minimalism isn't deprivation—it's focusing on the things you love

Is minimalism a good thing?

That depends on what makes you happy. Do you find happiness in collecting items and shopping? Or, would you rather clear the clutter from your home and spend less money? Minimalists are usually creative and utilize what they have on hand so that they bring fewer items into their homes and spend less money.

Whether or not minimalism is good is based solely on how it makes you and your family feel. There is no concrete answer. Brian Gardner over at No Sidebar explains, “Being a minimalist is a state of mind, and not a set of rules. It can actually mean you have more of what you need, are able to enjoy everything you have and are not worried about what you don’t have. All of that can help make living life a lot less stressful and can make it more fulfilling.”

Are minimalists happier?

We all need to remember that happiness is a state of mind. The only way to discover if minimalism will make YOU happier is to try it.

One of the best places to start is to simply get rid of duplicates. Start with something easy. If you have more than one set of dinnerware, get rid of the other. If you have a cabinet full of coffee mugs, get rid of one for each one you decide to keep. You can always go back and get rid of more in the future.

The important thing is that you’re getting started.

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Does minimalism help with anxiety?

It is a well-known fact that clutter can cause stress. Does getting rid of items so that your home is clutter-free reduce anxiety? If you feel unproductive and overwhelmed being in your home because there is clutter on every surface, then there’s a good chance minimalism can help with anxiety.

The key is to not overwhelm yourself with the idea of getting the job done. Start in one small area of your home and keep only the items that serve a purpose. Spend 15 minutes a day and you’ll soon see a big difference in your home. Don’t wait to get started though. Start today.

Does minimalism save money?

Yes! Minimalism is about living intentionally. A key to saving money is to shop with intent and purpose. Instead of buying little do-dads because they’re cute, you’re focused on only buying what you need. You won’t believe the money you’ll save when you live this way.

As Miriam Caldwell points out on The Balance, you can also save money by moving into a smaller home because you’ll have less stuff. Not only that, but you’ll make money as well. As you’re going through your home and decluttering, sell the items you no longer want in a yard sale or online. Most people have over $3500 of stuff lying around that they could sell. That’s the average person. If you’re going minimalist, you’ll probably make a lot more than that.

minimalism can make you feel calmer and more comfortable in your own home

How do I get started in minimalism?

There are many ways to get started. However, many people feel overwhelmed with the aspect of decluttering their homes. That’s what it is often recommended to start small.

Find one area of your home that you want to declutter and spend 15 minutes a day on the task. Once you see the progress, you may want to spend more than 15 minutes. You’ll become more and more motivated as you work.

The people over at Elbow Room by MakeSpace also have some incredible tips on getting started.

What is a minimalist challenge?

A minimalist challenge is meant to help you tackle different areas of your home. It’s often meant to feel like a game and be fun to do. If you’d like to take part in a minimalist challenge, see the printable I’ve included.

Use incentives to help yourself work through the challenge. For example, for each item you check off, you can watch an episode of your favorite show on Hulu.

Once you’ve finished this challenge, you may want to take a look at our printable 30-day decluttering challenge, too!

Why You Should Do the Minimalism Challenge

A minimalist challenge can motivate you to get the job done. It’s a fun way to work through your home and get the space you want. You can even work with friends who are also trying to become minimalists. Make it competitive or simply work together to cheer each other on. Whatever works best.


21 day minimalist challenge printable

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