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11 Clever Uses for Dryer Sheets to Make Your Place Fresher

Dryer sheets… you use them all the time to remove static from your clothes in the dryer and to give your laundry a fresh smell.

But did you know they can do so much more? They’re actually quite versatile around the home and can replace a number of products in a pinch.

We’ve looked at 11 uses for dryer sheets that you may not have thought of before.

From cleaning to making your home or car smell fresh, you won’t want to miss these dryer sheet hacks.

You use dryer sheets on your laundry all the time, but did you know they're great for cleaning and freshening other parts of your home? Just read these 11 tips. #3 is great!

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Easy and Effective Homemade Cleaners

11 Homemade Cleaners You Should DIY Today

People have many reasons for wanting to use homemade cleaners. Maybe you are worried about toxins in commercial cleaners and want to use greener products in your home. Perhaps money is tight and you need to save a few dollars here and there when you can. Both reasons are completely valid. And the beauty of making your own homemade cleaning recipes is that you can do both — you can save money and feel that your children and pets are safer when you clean. Ready to get started? Here are 11 super simple cleaning recipes to try today.

Easy and Effective Homemade Cleaners

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