5 Deep Cleaning Tricks for a Sparkling Bathroom

Bathrooms need to be cleaned regularly to prevent any major problems from developing. But there are various reasons you might end up with a particularly grubby bathroom on your hands. Maybe you’ve inherited it after moving into a new home. Or perhaps you’ve had a period where you’ve been unable to clean it properly due to time constraints or even your mental health. Whatever the reason for your bathroom being dirty, you need to set it to rights. Deep cleaning it will help you get rid of any built-up grime so you can restore it and get it sparkling again.

woman wearing cleaning glove cleaning a shower wall

Soak Bleach in Cotton Wool to Clean Caulking

Moldy or dirty sealant around your bath, shower, sink and other bathroom fixtures can be a big problem. It doesn’t take long for this issue to develop, especially if your bathroom doesn’t have great insulation. And it can be a difficult area to deep clean due to the awkward angles. Getting cleaning products to sit there is tricky. One option you can try is to soak cotton wool in bleach, then push it into the edges. Leave it to sit so that the bleach can really get in there. However, if you’re struggling to clean it, replacing the rubber sealant is another option. It’s easier to do than you might think. Remove the old stuff and use an applicator to replace it, smoothing it as you go.

Mix Baking Soda and Vinegar to Make a Cleaning Paste

Baking soda and vinegar mixed together can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks. It’s great in the kitchen and it’s also useful in the bathroom. It’s lightly abrasive but won’t damage anything, and it’s excellent for deep cleaning. In the bathroom, you’ll find it’s particularly helpful for cleaning grouting, shower doors, and other areas with stubborn dirt. Just apply it, leave it to sit, and then wipe it off.

Don’t Be Afraid of Heavy-Duty Cleaners

Natural cleaners are nice and all, but they don’t always work for every job. Sometimes you need something heavy-duty that’s going to clean with ease. It could save you a lot of effort. Straight bleach can be the best option for cleaning grouting. If you have mold, a good mold spray will kill it off quickly and help to prevent it from coming back too.

Get Rid of Toilet Grime

If the toilet needs a thorough deep clean, there are several options. Leaving a cup of baking soda to sit in the toilet bowl for a while can be a good way to remove dirt and limescale. Pour it in and leave it for a few minutes, then scrub with a toilet brush before flushing. If you have stubborn limescale, a pumice stone can help remove it.

woman cleaning a toilet while wearing cleaning gloves

Clean the Vent

The bathroom vent helps with keeping the bathroom ventilated. But if it’s dirty or blocked up, it won’t work as well. Start by ensuring it’s not getting any electricity, then remove the cover. Soak it in warm water and dish soap, then rinse and dry it. You can vacuum the fan blades to remove dust and dirt.

Sometimes a bathroom needs a good deep clean. It might take time, but it’s worth it to get your bathroom sparkling again.

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